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Compare Our Best Sellers - 240v Plug-in Garage Heaters

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Editors Pick




Top 4





( Voltage )

240 volts

240 volts

240 volts

240 volts


Sq. Ft.

Sq. Ft. 

Sq. Ft. 

Sq. Ft. 

Heat Output (watts)

2,667 Watts Lo
4,000 Watts Hi

4,000 Watts

4,800 Watts

5,600 Watts

(Air Flow)

160 CFM

160 CFM 

300 CFM 



Built In

Built In

Built In

Built In


1 Yr on Heater
5 Yrs on Element

1 Year 

1 Yr on Heater
2 Yrs on Element

1 Yr on Heater
5 Yrs on Element

Free Shipping 

Overheat Protection 

 Safety Certification

 Made in The USA









16" W
14" H
8" D

10.5" W
14.5" H
9.5" D

10.5" W
11" H
9 5/8" D

10.5" W
14 " H
11" D







3 way bracket
floor, wall, ceiling

2 way bracket
Wall, Ceiling









Dark Grey










Front controls
Hi - Lo Heating

Bracket Included
10 Lbs.

Dust Safe
Fan Motor

High Wattage

Editors Pick —Best seller category, based on sales, customer feed back, reliability and our own testing in NH

Customers Top 4 Rated Heaters —These heaters are our four best heaters based on sales, reliability and our own testing in NH

Reviews- Customer comments on our heaters. Click on the stars for the review page

Power (Voltage)  All of our Garage heaters come in 240 volts.
VOLTAGE  IS VERY IMPORTANT WHEN IT COMES TO ELECTRIC HEATERS  , if you buy the wrong voltage heater the following will happen. If your electrical wire only conducts 120 volts and your heater is rated for 240v you will only get ¼ of the wattage [heat]. If your electrical wire conducts 240 volts and your heater is rated for 120 volts, you will burn out the heater and void the warranty. If you are not sure on your voltage you will want to consult a licensed electrician
Quick tip 110 volts, 115 volts, 120 volts, 125 volts (All four voltages will work with the same heater) 220 volts, 230 volts, 240 volts, 250 volts (All four voltages will work with the same heater) 208 volts is NOT the same as 240 volts

Room Coverage - This is the maximum room size. this square footage is based on the assumption that your garage is fully insulated. 
Example room size = 20 ft x 20 ft = 400 sq. ft.

Heat Output (watts) or wattage is a measure of electric power. Each space heater heat output is based on watts... .
   1,000 Watts = 1 Kilowatt. One kilowatt will produce 3,412 BTU of heat in one hour…
   Quick Tip
if a heater has a wattage greater then 1500 watts it must be a 240v heater

CFM - Cubic feet per minute, this is one of the ways heaters are sized. One is wattage (BTU's) and cfm of air flow. You will notice that note all heaters will the same wattage have the same CFM. As a rule the heavy duty unit heaters have a higher CFM.

Thermostat All heaters need a controller to turn the heater on or off, and to adjust the temperature setting. There are a number of options.

  Built-in thermostat This heater has a knob mounted on the outside of the heater; it does not have a temperature display. You operate it by turning the knob clockwise to turn the power and set the desired room temperature. This may require a few adjustments until you are satisfied with the room temperature. Turn it counterclockwise and you will lower the temperature.
  Wall Mounted Thermostats are not available on all heaters. The are usually mounted on the other side of the room from your heater, once you set the desired room temperature it will cycle the heater on and off to accommodate your wish.
  Wall mounted thermostats come in three styles (1) mechanical (old fashion dial) (2) digital or (3) digital programmable. All three versions work, but the digital or digital programmable are more energy efficient and accurate the digital models give you a more accurate temperature setting. A programmable thermostat works with a clock, which allows you the ability to lower and raise the room temperature during the day and week.
Warranty – All our products are warranted against defect for a minimum of one year. Some heaters will have a longer warranty and are so stipulated on our specification pages; they may also have extended warranties (5 or 10 years) on their heating elements. Installation, repair or labor charges are NOT included in the warranty only the product…Should you have a problem please consult the factory tech support line before condemning the unit

Free Shipping - Certain heaters have free UPS Ground shipping

Overheat Protection - In the event the heater gets too hot, it will shut off automatically, an added benefit that allows for worry-free use

Safety Certification -  All the heaters we sell are certified by UL, CSA or ETL. Which means each heaters has a stamp or logo on the unit indicating it has passed a rigorous safety test
The acronyms are spelled out below:
UL: Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
CSA: Canadian Standards Association
ETL: Originally a mark of ETL Testing Laboratories, now a mark of Intertek Testing Services

Made in the USA- This Heater was manufacture or assembled in the USA

Unit Dimensions- The Dimension of the heater without the mounting bracket

Mounting -Surface mounted means it’s mounted right on the wall. Recess mounted means you will insert the heater in a hole in the wall or cabinet cavity, the only thing exposed is the Grill

Special Feature(s) - A quick fact that makes this heater unique.

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